Branding visuals for virtual agent

HP and Microsoft logos

Initial concepts and kick-off for the new virtual agent being used on the HP Support website. Research, design of avatar and initial style guide completed by myself working with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) team from Microsoft, to understand early limitations.


HP Inc Customer Support


UI Designer
Screens of competitive research

Competitor research was done to help decide what type of avatar we wanted for our virtual agent. We ultimately decided that because we are support focused, we wanted to use an illustrative face to give the expectation of conversation, without feeling too realistic, since it won’t be a live agent.

Alternate avatar images

As a global company, we wanted to make sure our virtual agent looked friendly, approachable and had a non-specific ethnicity. I played with many variations, using the both the shape of HP’s ‘person’ icon, and also more realistic versions. We wanted the idea of both ‘HP’ and ‘help’ to come across, and did this with various question mark and chat icons. Ultimately the leadership team leaned towards the less cartoonish, yet non-realistic female as their favorite.

Final avatar imagery
Screenshot of style guide
Screenshot of style guide
Screenshot of live virtual agent window
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