Print (non-collateral)

Various printed pieces for non-collateral type projects. From book covers to invitations.




Lead designer
Chocolate book cover
Chocolate illustration final

Illustration of a specified scene (group of female friends enjoying each others company while eating many variations of chocolate) for use in a book cover.

Sketches and early round sample layout. Art direction asked for woman in the middle to be drinking a shake and for the woman on the left to appear slightly older.

Printed wedding invitations on high-end card stock with canvas pocket envelopes that held matching reception, accommodations and R.S.V.P. cards.

Simple bridal shower invitation, requested at postcard size to be handed out after church service.

Birthday invitation to a ‘parkour’ center where the children will learn to climb, jump and roll. Rough grunge type feel to fit theme.

Birthday invitation to outdoor movie night party. Card designed to have tear-off ‘movie ticket’ for admission.

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